Supsec Winter Workshop

Supsec Winter Workshop: Talks

January 25th, in Inria Rennes (salle de conférence)

9h30 Welcome coffee

10:00 Valérie Viet Triem Tong (CentraleSupélec): A semantic approach for describing Advanced Persistant Threat -- How this work allowed us to unambiguously describe the PWNJUSTU dataset ( [slides]

11:00 Charles Xosanavongsa (Enioka): [REMOTE] Discovering Correlations: a formal definition of causal depency among heterogeneous events [slides]

12:00 Amossys and Malizen: Insights about the log analysis exercise and prize-giving for the best students [slides] [slides]

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Rafael Uetz (Fraunhofer FKIE): Reproducible and Adaptable Log Data Generation for Sound Cybersecurity Experiments

14:30 V. N. Venkatakrishnan (University of Illinois at Chicago): Intrusion Detection & Attack Scenario Reconstruction using Information Flow Analysis on Provenance Graphs [slides]

15:30 30mn break

16:00 Shahrear Iqbal (National Research Council of Canada): [REMOTE] Provenance Graph-Based Cyber Threat Detection [slides]

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The Supsec Winter Workshop is located in Inria centre at Rennes University on the University Campus (called “Campus de Beaulieu”), in the east of Rennes.

When you are at Inria centre at Rennes University, enter building 12G “Accueil Inria – IRISA”. The lectures will take place in the “Centre de conférences Inria”.


Reach Inria from the city center

The easiest way to reach Inria is to take the subway or the bus. For the subway, you can take the line B to the stop "Beaulieu-Université". The main bus stop in the city center is called “République”. You can take the bus lines C4 (direction “ZA Saint-Sulpice, Rennes”) and C6 (direction “Rigourdière, Cesson-Sévigné”). The nearest bus stop is called “Les Préales”. More information for planning your journey on the Star public transportation service.

Alternatively you can rent a bike (more information: Vélo Star).

Reach Inria from the train station

A number of trains stop in Rennes. You can reach the city center by metro, and take the bus from there.

Reach Inria from the airport

The nearest airport is Rennes Saint-Jacques. The easiest way to get to Inria from the airport is to take a taxi (around €30). You can also take the bus line C6 (bus stop “Aéroport, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande” to “Rigourdière, Cesson-Sévigné”).


The accommodation remains at your expense.

If you wish to stay at a hotel, here is a list of hotels recommended by Inria:

Hôtel de Nemours: 5 Rue de Nemours, 35000 Rennes. Tel +332 99 78 26 26.
Hôtel Anne de Bretagne: 12 Rue Tronjolly, 35000 Rennes. Tel +332 99 31 49 49.
Aparthotel Adagio Access Rennes Centre: 35 Rue d’Antrain, 35700 Rennes. Tel +332 23 21 26 00.
Appart’hôtel Odalys Rennes Lorgeril: 2, Rue de Lorgeril 35000 Rennes. Tel +332 99 12 55 20.

Context and organization

The DGA has entrusted Inria, on behalf of all the partners of the PEC research centre (Pôle d’excellence cyber), with the organisation of “thematic semesters” dedicated to cybersecurity.

Led by one or several researchers from PEC partners, a thematic semester has the following objectives:

To this end, a thematic semester is made up of a series of scientific events such as colloquia, conferences and working group meetings. There is a with thematic coherence between these events that are organized over a period of 3 to 6 months. These activities are complemented by short or longer term invitations of researchers and other events that may be organized in cooperation with the Rennes ecosystem.